The richness of Canadian Nature

Canadian nature — strong and wild — has evolved for thousands of years in an extreme climate, suffering several environmental aggressions on a daily basis.

Think about the winters, with temperatures falling down to -30° C, or the humid summers, where the mercury rises up to +30° C; besides all the other conditions that make Canada one of the toughest climatic places in the world: snowstorms, strong icy winds, and even frozen soils.

These repeated assaults, week after week, season after season, require that Canadian nature be endowed with great resistance.


It is in response to this adversity that Canadian nature has developed unprecedented solutions to protect itself against the harshness of its environment. How? It is filled with multiple molecules that are ”bioactive," which give it the necessary strength to protect itself and thrive in this extreme northern climate.

Indeed, the Canadian wilderness benefits from a large amount of these bioactive molecules that are generated by plants, trees and biomass— in other words, by the entire flora-based organic body.


Scientific research demonstrates that the further north we go, along with its changing, cold and harsh climate, the more nature produces protective and regenerative molecules, as compared to the same vegetation growing to the south.


While it is laboratory-proven that all the bioactivity of Nordic nature can be transferred to the skin for its beneficial effects, Nordora has created, with these natural molecules, a line of effective skincare that regenerates, moisturizes and protects your skin so that it remains beautiful and healthy.